2004 Lyngby

3rd Nordcode Seminar & Workshop
Seminar title: 
Design communication
April 28-30 2004
Lyngby, Denmark, Technical University of Denmark

Post-seminar publication: Design communication

Impressions from Lyngby by Torben Lenau & Per Boelskifte

Seminar documents:
Seminar programme
Workshop programme
List of participants
Downloadable working papers:
Arild Berg: Communication in ceramic tiles
Hans Bjelland: Multimodal, perceptually rich qualities of products and interfaces
Jesper Clement: Communication and aestetics as part of packaging design
Kamille Friis: Design Practice as a Strategic Tool
José Gotzsch: Developing a classification of product expressions
Viktor Hiort af Örnäs: Emotive User-artefact relations
Birgitte Gert Jensen: The role of the artefact in participatory design research
Marianne Guldbrandsen: Embedding Non-Quantifiable Product Qualities in Products and Product Development
Toni-Matti Karjalainen: Semantic mapping of the design process – an initial approach
Mikko Laakso: Designing and evaluating seamless and transparent middleware
Torben Lenau & Per Boelskifte: Communication of semantic properties
Ulrik Lie: Theoretical issues in evaluation and assessment of product use and appreciation during product design and development
Ben Mathews: Collaboration between designers and other stakeholders
Kjersti Kjøll Øverbø: Exploring and expanding communication by specification: packaging design in a value chain perspective
Lauri Repokari & Juha Ainoa: Semantics in Mobile Phones Design – Laboratory Studies as a Tool of Collecting Information About Semantic Requirements
Peter Schachinger: Form synthesis: interactive functions and Aesthetic organs in the function-means tree
Outi Turpeinen: Visualizing the object within its surroundings
Anna Valtonen: Specialisation in the profession of industrial design in Finland
Susann Vihma: Various foundations for design semantics

Post-seminar publication 
Authors who would like to develop their working papers to a longer article, contact toni-matti as soon as possible. Deadline for the papers is October 15th. We aim to publish the articles again as an issue in the working papers publication series of the University of Art and Design Helsinki at the end of the year.

Wednesday 28th – Nordcode workshop

Thursday 29th – Nordcode seminar

Friday 30th – Nordcode seminar

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