2006 Oslo

Seminar title: Connecting fields. Does cross-pollination work?
When: May 10-12, 2006
Where: Oslo, Oslo School of Architecture and Design 

When designers double as researchers they often find that other professional and/or research fields provide most valuable insights and inputs difficult to find within one’s own area of expertise. Is cross-pollination what is needed to bring the budding design research to flower?

What were the missing items you chose to adopt and import: a term, a concept, an idea, a method, an approach, a perspective, or still something else? What are the downsides and dangers in connecting fields? Are there any warnings or recommendations to make?


Downloadable working papers:
Design for industry: a practical framework of form development in automotive design based on design thinking
Shahriman Zainal Abidin UPDATED

Challenging and Expanding the Evolution of Form-modle
(Separate file: Figure 7)
Cheryl Akner-Koler UPDATED

Development of creative/artistic methods used in an untraditional cross disciplinary context can lead to innovation
Arild Berg

The Background of Interdiciplinary Studies
Hilde Østerås Berntsen

Towards a physically catalysed collaborative design process
Jan Capjon

Models of the mass media as conceptual frameworks for design
Nathan Crilly and P John Clarkson

From a physical design museum towards a virtual design museum. Or how museology, new technologies and design meet
Angeliki Dimaki and Christos E. Dimakis

Design Leadership: Cross-pollinating design and management
Jo Eikeland Roald NEW

The contribution of material culture studies to design
Toke Riis Ebbesen and Susann Vihma UPDATED

Industrial design research and reflective practice. (Donald Schön and his lifeworld epistemology) 
Martina Maria Keitsch

Design for enskilment: Anthropological insights for interaction design
Kyle Kilbourn UPDATED

Communicative challenges with dematerialised products
Viktor Hiort af Ornäs UPDATED

Digital cooperation across disciplines. Exchange of design data in inclusive, complex and hybrid processes
Birger Sevaldson

Communicating design ideas to customers
Harald Skulberg

Exploring and teaching tactility in design
Tom Vavik and Diana Kourennayia

The Meaning of Style: How an analysis of the etymology of the term style could be used to define the line of demarcation between styling and design
Eva Wängelin

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