2008 Lund

7th Nordcode Seminar & Workshop
Seminar title: Paradoxes within Design Research – Mechanisms and Contradictions
When: May 28-30 2008
Where: Lund. Division of Industrial Design at Lund University 

Call for papers
Seminar programme
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Seminar themes
The themes below are some examples of mechanisms that could work contradictory within design research. The aim of this seminar is to investigate how design and design research address these, and other, issues and their potentially inherent contradictions by answering questions such as: “How can we identify and use paradoxes to further develop design research?” and “Are the results and methods from design research really employed in design practice?”

The paradox of creativity and normativity
The paradox of sustainable design
The paradox of design as communication
The paradox of innovation and improvement

We invite design researchers, professional designers, and other practitioners within the design community to send in working papers on these, and related issues. We also encourage participants to identify other mechanisms that work contradictory within their own practice and reflect on whether they are obstructions, challenges, opportunities, or necessities.

Seminar programme
Wednesday (28 May)
09:30 Registration
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Welcome ceremomy:

Organising committee
Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt, Industrial Design, Lund
Prof. Susann Vihma, TAIK, Helsinki
11:30 Paper session
Karl Palmås & Otto von Busch – “Excorporating design management”
Magnus Olsson & Lisbeth Svengren Holm – “A profession in transformation: The paradox of industrial design in a post-industrial society”
Marcus Jahnke – “Design methodology as basis for multidisciplinary innovation process”

13:30 Lunch
14:30 Keynote speaker 1:
Prof. Simonetta Carbonaro
“The Sustainable Unsustainability of Design”
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Nordcode PhD course presentations
Arild Berg – “Collaborative art experience design”
Emma Linder – “Industrial designers in industry clusters – Examples from the offshore ship industry”
Despina Christoforidou
Willem Horst – “Briding Use and Innovation”

17:00 Social event:
Light food
Award ceremony: Torsten Dahlin Grant/SVID
Host: Professor Lisbeth Svengren Holm

Thursday (29 May)

09:00 Nordcode PhD course presentations
Jon Olav Eikenes – “Navimation exploring time, space and motion in screen based interfaces”
Sofia Hussain – “Design for aid and development, designing prosthetic legs for disabled children in Cambodia”
Sanna Honkaniemi – “Cultural challenges in the 21st century”

10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Keynote speaker 2:
Prof. Nils-Eric Sahlin
“Why Creativity?”
12:00 Lunch (optional guided tour at the Department of Design Sciences)
13:30 Paper session
Martina Keitsch – “Metaphors in design research”
Henrik Enquist & Camilla Nordgren – “Intuition in design research?”

15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Paper session
Despina Christoforidou & Elin Olander – “The bling-bling factor and its effects on product attachment”
Susann Vihma – “Design as language – a misconception”
Torben Lenau & Hanne Lindegaard – “Objects, materiality and meaning”

Short break
17:00 Keynote speaker 3:
Dr. Kristina Börjesson
“Attachment and Affective Sustainability”
External event:
17:30 “Attachment”
Host: Ass. professor Lena Sperling
Social events:
18:00 Guided tour at Kulturens Museum (²) www.kulturen.com
19:30 Joint dinner at Kulturen (²) http://kulturkrogen.gastrogate.com/

Friday (30 May)

09:30 Keynote speaker 4:
Dr. Patrick W Jordan
“The Dream Economy”
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Paper session
Anna Fenko – “Sensory dominance in product experience: The paradox of theory and practice”
Per Kristav – “Towards an implementation of VIPET in industrial design practice”
Ulrik Lie – “A review of theories on design problem structuring: Some problems with modeling a professional practice”

Short break
12:45 Concluding discussions
13:15 Lunch
14:30 Nordcode PhD course wrap-up
15:00 Coffee break
16:00 Social event:
Guided tour at the Museum of Sketches