2010 Akershus

Theme: Participation and Dialogue
Welcome to the 9th Nordcode seminar. The Nordic network for research on communicative product design

In the last decade, product design has become a key factor in attracting and modifying participation of stakeholders. However, many questions remain, such as “How can the design process facilitate participation in a new way?” and ”What are the expected results of this participation?” Qualities of participation depend on factors such as the possibilities to create platforms for communicative dialogue, the experiences that participants have with a product concept and the cultural and social settings for participation.

An aim for this seminar is to discuss how interplay in research and practice in design can explore the concepts of participation and dialogue.

This concerns the following issues:
• communicative and semantic aspects of artefacts
• aesthetic qualities of physical products and objects
• user experience
• user involvement in service design
• user involvement as a driving force for innovation
• user involvement as a driving force for sustainable development
• user involvement as a resource for new concepts
• methods for participatory design
• innovation and critical perspectives on design
• user involvement and product attachment
• implications for research, practice and industry

Keynote speakers:

Liz Sanders, PhD
Liz Sanders is President of MakeTools, a design research firm. She is a pioneer in the use of participatory research methods for the design of products, systems, services and spaces. Liz speaks about and teaches human-centered design to students, clients and colleagues around the world. At The Ohio State University, Liz teaches design research courses and advises graduate student theses and dissertations. Liz’s numerous design awards, patents, publications, presentations, and her proven track record in the marketplace have established her as a leader in the field of design research. Liz’s client relationships have included several major companies.


Anders Warell, PhD
“From the material to the immaterial: Rethinking user experiences through design” (Preliminiray title). Anders Warell is a senior researcher at the School of Industrial Design, Lund University. He joined Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand in 2005, and founded Affect – the Centre for Affective Design Research, which became instrumental in leading the research development and creating collaboration opportunities between researchers at the School of Design and New Zealand industry. As a designer and researcher, Anders has collaborated with international as well as small companies. His research interests span from product brand identity, product aesthetics and semiotics, to user experiences and methods and tools for strategic design. Anders was a cofounder of Nordcode in 2002.


Supported by
The seminar is organized in Collaboration with the Nordcode steering group/ Martina Keitsch /Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
The seminar is supported by Nordcode, The Research Council of Norway, Campus Kjeller Science Park and Akershus University College.

Important dates
Abstracts deadline: 19th of February 2010
Acceptance of abstract: 1st. of March 2010
Extended abstract deadline: 26th March 2010
Seminar: 26th to 28th of May

Download invitation: Nordcode seminar 2010 call for paper

All abstracts should be submitted to the following e-mail: productdesign@hiak.no
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Contact person for the seminar is Martina.Keitsch@adm.aho.no