2011 Roskilde

10th Nordcode seminar at Roskilde University
Seminar theme: Design of Space and Performance
When: September 28.-30.2011
Where: Roskilde University

Programme: Programme Roskilde

Welcome to the 10th Nordcode seminar. The Nordic network for research on communicative product design (Nordcode) was initiated in 2002 and has held a series of successful seminars at Nordic design research institutions since 2003. The seminars have contributed to the design discourse, and research publications. The 10th Nordcode seminar in 2011 will be in Denmark, at Roskilde University, 40km west of Copenhagen. The seminar is organized and hosted by Performance Design at the Department of Communication, Business, and Information Technologies.

This years theme recognises the performative turn of product design. Over the past decade there has been a focus on performance studies. Jon McKenzie in his book “Perform – or else” (Routledge 2001) recognises three kinds of performance: organisational performance, technological performance, and theatrical performance. The performance perspective allows the designer to understand both the design process and the usage of a product as a performance, where artefacts and persons play together in a certain context. The performative turn opens a new world of thinking about design: How does the user perform using a new design? How does the design perform in a certain context? How does the designer perform when designing an artefact? How does the designer perform, when a design is evaluated? The spatial context of a performance is crucial to the way, we design. How can we design artefacts to perform in certain contexts? What does the context mean for the design process?

We invite you to submit a paper within the theme of design of space and performance. It may include one or more of the following subjects: (the list is not exhaustive).

− the design process as a performance
− evaluation of products
− performative methods in product design
− the performance of artefacts in context
− the relation of design and context
− the performance of users
− improvisational techniques in product design
− design usage in selected contexts
− conceptualisation methods
− performance design
− design for spatial performances
− technological artefacts as performers
− a performative view on product design


Keynote speakers

Jan Krag Jacobsen, Denmark
Adjunct professor, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Jon McKenzie, USA
PhD, Associate professor, Dept. of English, University of Wisconsin


Participants and abstracts


Session A
Bjørn Laursen, Denmark
PhD, Associate professor, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Karin Søndergaard, Denmark
Integrative Arts, PhD, Associate professor
The Royal Academy, School of Architecture

Kristine Samson, Denmark
PhD., Assistant professor, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Dr. Martina Maria Keitsch, Norway
Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Session B
Astrid Heimer, Norway
Assistant professor, Product Design, HiOA
Oslo and Akershus University College for applied sciences,

Henriette Christrup, Denmark
Associate professor, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Maria Foverskov, Denmark
PhD Student, the Danish Design School

Torbjörn Andersson, Sweden
PhD Student, Industrial designer MFA
Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University

Session C
Astrid Vang-Pedersen, Denmark
PhD Student, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Erik Kristiansen, Denmark
PhD, Assistant professor, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Olav Harsløf, Denmark
Professor, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Session D
Jakob Ion Wille, Denmark
PhD Student, The Royal Academy, School of Architecture

Jonas Abkjær Andersen, Denmark
PhD Student, ENSPAC, Roskilde University

Judith Schwarzbart, Denmark
PhD Student, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Toni-Matti Karjalainen, Finland
Doctor of Arts, Research director, Aalto University

Session E
Anna Thies, Sweden
Industrial designer MFA, PhD Student, Stockholm University

Brita Flavad Nielsen, Norway
PhD Student, Norges tekniske-naturvitenskabelige Universitet

Hafdís Sunna Hermansdóttir, Denmark
PhD Student, Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University

Anja Mølle Lindelof, Denmark
Assistant professor, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Karl Grøndal, Denmark
Research assistant, the Danish Centre for Design Research

Sanne Krogh Groth, Denmark
Assistant professor, Performance-design, Roskilde University

Viktor Hiort, Sweden
Researcher, Dept. of Design Sciences, Lund University

Important dates

Seminar: September 28-30.

Submission of paper
Abstract (500 words): July 1.
Confirmation of abstract: August 1.
Extended abstract (2000 words): September 1.
Submission email: nordcode@ruc.dk

Early-bird: Before September 1st. (950,- DKK)
Late: After September 1st. (1450,- DKK)
Registration: send email to

Organising committee
Olav Harsløv (professor of performance design, oha@ruc.dk)
Astrid Vang-Pedersen(phd-fellow, avp@ruc.dk)
Erik Kristiansen (assistant professor of communication, erikk@ruc.dk)

All from Roskilde University
Leaflet 2011 Roskilde, 10th Nordcode
The Roskilde seminar programme is now available.
Programme Roskilde, 10th Nordcode