2012 Helsinki & Stockholm

11th Nordcode Seminar & Workshop and IDBM Research Seminar
Title: “Strategic design communication in business”
When: June 11-­13 2012
Where: Helsinki / Silja Serenade / Stockholm
Hosted by: IDBM Program, Aalto University School of Economics
Programme: 11th Nordcode seminar


We invite scholars and doctoral students in design, management and related fields to submit working papers of 1000-­‐2500 words. The papers may present work-­‐in-­‐progress, initial ideas, or finished research in a creative and innovative style to contribute to the informal Nordcode spirit. Selected papers will be published in the seminar folder and online. The papers should be submitted as PDF or MSWord files. The structure and format is free. It is suggested that papers are given a creative and “catchy” title related to the seminar form (e.g. “Crossing borders…”, “On the move…”, “Floating…”)
To address the main theme of the year, we especially invite papers covering various angles of the role of design in strategic communication in the business context of different nature. Suggested topics – reflecting the generic research areas of IDBM – include but are not limited to:

* Design management, strategic design communication
* Strategic brand and product identity
* Visual design management
* Visualisation of design and business strategies
* Design semantics
* Strategic knowledge in design processes and product development
* Design’s role as competitive element, the benefits of design
* Design thinking in business
* Design and marketing
* Multicultural communication and design management
* Design and innovations.
* Integrated and creative processes in design, business and technology
* Multidisciplinary learning and teamwork
In addition, we encourage papers dealing with the overall Nordcode topics of:
* The communicative aspects of artifacts
* Aesthetic qualities of physical products and objects
* Design research and processes related to the above.

February 29: Notification of intention to participate and submit a paper
March 30: Deadline for paper submission
April 15: Notification of acceptance
April 30: Deadline for registration (binding) & payment
May 15: Deadline for paper corrections
June 11-­‐13 2012: Seminar
Everything should be emailed to toni-matti.karjalainen@aalto.fi 


Nordcode, the Nordic network for research on communicative product design was initiated in 2002 and has held a series of successful seminars at Nordic design research institutions since 2003. The seminars have contributed to the design discourse, and research publications. The 11th Nordcode seminar will be hosted by the IDBM Program at the Aalto University School of Economics in Helsinki. Most of the seminar activities take place onboard the Silja Serenade cruise ship with pre-­‐, mid-­‐ & post-­‐parts in Helsinki and Stockholm. By this special arrangement, we want to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Nordcode network.

The International Design Business Management program (IDBM) is a joint teaching and research platform of the Aalto University School of Economics, the School of Art and Design, and the Schools of Technology. The Aalto University is a major Nordic research and teaching institution, created through the merger of the Helsinki School of Economics, the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and the Helsinki University of Technology. Arising from the needs of the industry, this program gives future marketers, engineering experts and designers an opportunity to practice important interpersonal skills through cooperative industry projects and specialized courses. In addition to mastering the graduate-­‐level program and practice-­‐based industry projects, IDBM has carried out its own research and participated in the development of the international community in design management research. The more extensive and systematic development of IDBM research activities started in 2007 as part of the wider evolution towards the new version of IDBM within the incipient Aalto University. In line with the generic goals of the Program, IDBM research has the aim to generate systemic and multidisciplinary knowledge applicable to global business development that is design-­‐ and technology-­‐intensive. IDBM functions on the cross-­‐point of disciplines, integrating relevant parts of existing disciplinary views and epistemologies, and developing new theoretical and empirical perspectives on the multidisciplinary interaction. IDBM research is strongly based on empirical data and industry interaction. It nurtures an explorative, creative, and open-­‐minded approach in order to be agile and reactive towards emerging phenomena within design and creative industries. The collection of IDBM publications consists of close to 100 articles in journals, conferences, books, and other media.

The 11th Nordcode and seminar also serves as the closing seminar of the EDEST Research Project of IDBM. “EDEST – Employment of Design Strategies” (2010-­‐2012) is funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and the participating companies. The project analyzes the practices and structures of design management in selected companies on both organizational and process level, and by doing so aims to open new insights into strategic use of design in business.
The seminar also marks the official publication of the “IDBM Papers Vol 2” research book, comprising articles written by the EDEST researchers and selected guest authors.

Silja Serenade: http://www.tallinksilja.com/en/shipsAndTerminals/serenade/ 
Aalto University School of Economics: http://econ.aalto.fi/en/
The main seminar activities occur onboard the Serenade cruise ship of Silja Line between Helsinki and Stockholm. In Stockholm, we will also organize some interesting program for the delegates. The seminar will be kicked-­‐off and closed in half-­‐day sessions at the Aalto University School of Economics, close to Helsinki city center.
By this informal seminar setting, we aim to generate open and creative discussion in friendly atmosphere, in a classic Nordcode manner. In order to facilitate this, the seminar is limited to 40 participants. Priority is given to delegates who submit a working paper and are selected for seminar presentation.



Morning program @ Aalto University School of Economics, Helsinki
09:00 Coffee & registration
10:00 Welcome, keynotes, EDEST presentations
13:00 Light lunch
14:00 Transportation to the harbor
15:00 Seminar / workshop onboard (17:00 departs from Helsinki)
18:00 End of seminar, free time (for shopping, sauna, etc.)
20:00 Buffet dinner

Buffet breakfast (07:00-­‐09:30)
09:30 Ship arrives in Stockholm
10:00 Visit to Stockholm, program to be defined
14:00 Transportation to the harbor
15:00 Seminar / workshop onboard
18:00 End of seminar, free time (for shopping, sauna, etc.)
20:00 Buffet dinner

Buffet breakfast (07:00-­‐09:30)
09:30 Ship arrives in Helsinki
10:00 Transportation to the Aalto University School of Economics
11:00 Seminar / workshop / discussion
14:00 Closing & light lunch

If you plan to submit a paper and participate the seminar, please email the notification of intention to toni-matti.karjalainen@aalto.fiby February 29. The seminar is limited to 40 participants. Priority is given to delegates who submit a working paper and are selected for seminar presentation. Possibly remaining places will be filled in the registration order.

250 EUR when 2 persons in cabin / 300 EUR when 1 person in cabin
Fee includes:
* Boat trips & cabins, 2 nights (Promenade class)
* Buffet dinner with drinks and breakfast onboard, both days
* Welcome toast onboard
* Seminar coffee & refreshments
* Seminar materials & IDBM Papers Vol 2 book.
* Transportation in Helsinki & Stockholm
Binding registrations & payments must be made by April 30. No refunds in case of cancellation can be given after this. Payment details will be given to participants closer to the deadline.

We recommend that delegates from abroad arrive in Helsinki during the preceding weekend and stay longer to enjoy the Finnish summer. Helsinki acts as the World Design Capital 2012, meaning that there is plenty of design related activities for visitors to experience. Accommodation onboard Silja Serenade (2 nights) is included in the seminar fee. Possible pre-­ and post-­seminar accommodation in Helsinki should be booked and paid by the delegates; it is not included in the fee.

On the behalf of the Nordcode Steering Group and IDBM Program,
Toni-­Matti Karjalainen
Research Director of the IDBM Program.