2013 Trondheim

Thinking X Making
12th NORDCODE Seminar & Workshop, 18-20 September 2013
2nd NordtekDesign Seminar, 17-18 September 2013
Norwegian University of Science and Technology,
Department of Product Design
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Call for working papers
The designers of tomorrow are likely to act in professions undergoing continuous change and hence need to be competent learners. This challenges researchers, educators and practitioners to get knowledgeable with theory. Knowledge can contribute to developing products, services and processes and enhancing reflections on practices. The workshop is looking for contributions which address:

Tensions and difficulties between theory and different types of practice.
a) Examples of successful combinations and concrete conditions and strategies for combining design theory and –practice including methods and methodologies bridging theory and practice.
b) Collaborations between actors from different levels such as research, education or strategic management in design schools and institutions.
c) Examples of theory-informed practice, and theories about practice.

We encourage provocative standpoints to elaborate on the relationship between theory and practice in design. The workshop also aims at encouraging new and experimental facets of design. We invite thinkers and makers to send in working papers. Papers should be up to 2500 words and be written in English.

The deadline for submission is 31st May 2013 to

martina.keitsch (at) ntnu (dot) no

The seminar is free of charge

Submitted papers will be reviewed and accepted papers published on the seminar webpage. We are currently looking into the possibility of publishing selected revised papers in a special issue of a design research journal.

Knowledge triangles in design, 2nd NordtekDesign seminar
In connection to the seminar our friends in the Nordtek Design network will arrange a workshop aimed at establishing knowledge triangles between education, research and innovation from 17th – 18th September 2013. The program for this workshop will come out soon. For more information see: http://www.nordtek.net/project/design.html