PhD thesis
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Nordcode publications
Design communication
3rd Nordcode Seminar & Workshop, Lyngby, Denmark April 28-30 2004

Semantic & aesthetic functions in design
2nd Nordcode Seminar & Workshop, Helsinki/Espoo, October 1-3 2003

Conference working papers
3rd Lyngby Seminar (04/04)
5th Oslo seminar (06/03)

Design Semiotics in Use
Edited by Susann Vihma
the book has appeared and can be purchased from the Aalto University School of Art and Design Publication Unit.
Aalto University
School of Art and Design
Publication series A 100

Proceedings from the Nordcode Seminar – Participation and Dialogue
Editors: Liv Merete Nielsen, Susann Vihma, Tore Gulden, Arild Berg
Formakademisk, Vol 5, Nr 1 (2012)

Design Responsibility: Potentials and Pitfalls
Edited By Malene Leerberg and Lene Wul
Book from the 8th Nordcode design research seminar & workshop, 27-29 May 2009 in Kolding, Denmark. Published by Designskolen Kolding, 2012.


Design Semiotics in Use, Book cover and contents. Click to enlarge contents page