Sketch Molntapet made by Hans Krondahl

Dear Friends and Colleagues, the deadline for abstracts for the 16th Nordcode seminar is extended until 30 April. The topic, “Traces of the Design Process”, beautifully harmonises with the venue for this year’s seminar, The Design Archive, with its unique collection of designers’ and artists’ work. While we especially welcome contributions on the topic of sketching, we are also welcoming contributions related to any of the traditional Nordcode themes within communicative design, including design semiotics/semantics, form design, design syntactics, design aesthetics, design research methodology, design processes, tools and methods, identity aspects of product form, form perception, form experience and pleasure, cultural signification of design, and points of contact with visual arts. We are looking forward to seeing you in Nybro, 7-9 November 2017!

Abstracts for working papers (max 400 words + 5 keywords) should be emailed before 30th April to