Viktor Hjort (1976-2016) in memoriam

One beautiful day this July [2016], we received extremely sad and surprising news. We heard our very good friend and close colleague, Viktor Hjort from Gothenburg, passed away after his fight against a devious illness.

From Nordcode’s early days, Viktor was key in shaping the network and keeping it fresh and alive. He not only planned and hosted a number of successful seminars and meetings, Viktor also eagerly and tirelessly contributed to countless discussions  and developments within our happy community. It is really difficult to think about the network without him.

We remember Viktor as a particularly warm-hearted, wise, and present person. He always showed strong devotion and interest in issues at hand – in terms of scholarly topics in design and other areas or our joint courses and research projects, as well as in our personal conversations. Viktor deserved many more prosperous years, in both his scholarship and personal life, but his path was crudely cut off way too early. We know his spirit will carry on indefinitely.

We want to express our deep condolences to Viktor’s family and friends.

Sail in peace Viktor!

On the behalf of the whole Nordcode family,
Toni-Matti, Martina, Monika, Anders, Susann


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