Welcome to the 15th NORDCODE Seminar

November 22-24, 2016
University of Southern Denmark, Kolding, Denmark.

sdufacade3The theme of the 15th Nordcode seminar is mediation and design. While the designed object may communicate meaning and can be understood as mediating in multimodal ways in itself, design is also communicated, represented, set in discourse or mediated in various ways. Likewise most designs appear as mediations before their realisation as objects and some designs never go beyond their state as mediated ideas. Mediation seem to be crucial to design both ante and post factum in numerous respects.

The seminar is taking place in the newly built “design” campus of University of Southern Denmark, and the museum Trapholt, both located in the town of Kolding.

For more information about the program, key speakers and practical information, please visit the organizers webpage.

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