Nordcode is a researcher network established in 2000. The network organises seminars and meetings on design research, especially concerning design’s communicative aspects.

Toni-Matti Karjalainen toni-matti.karjalainen@uniarts.fi
Martina Keitsch martina.keitsch@ntnu.no
Anders Warell anders.warell@design.lth.se
Mads Nygaard Folkmann mnf@sdu.dk

Nordcode network gathers together active researchers and doctoral students who work on:

  • the communicative aspects of artifacts,
  • aesthetic qualities of physical products and objects, and
  • design processes related to the above.

The network aims to support research based on theoretical approaches and developments within specific fields of design. These include areas such as design semiotics/semantics, form design, design syntactics, design aesthetics, design research methodology, design processes, tools and methods, identity aspects of product form, form perception, form experience and pleasure, cultural signification of design, and points of contact with visual arts.

The Nordic network for research on communicative product design (Nordcode) was created to fulfil the needs of a small but growing design research community in the Nordic countries and beyond. The network is concretely meeting in annual research seminars, which boost also other activities such as research cooperation, information exchange and publications.

Nordcode was initiated in by research colleagues of the department of Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology (in Gothenburg, Sweden) and of the “Meaning of Form” research group at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (TAIK), Finland. The idea of Nordic network was first brought into discussion in 2000 with the financial support by Norfa. Following this, in 2002 the researchers decided to start planning concrete activities of the network, including the first Nordcode seminar. It was organised on March 10-11, 2003 in Gothenburg. From 2005 to 2010, Nordcode was partially funded by NordForsk. To date, the network has spread to cover a number of universities and schools in the Nordic countries and hundreds of scholars and students have participated in the Nordcode seminars. In addition to supporting common research interests regarding the communicative aspects of product design, Nordcode provides an informal, friendly and low-entry forum for interaction, collaboration and scrutiny of ideas.